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China International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair
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Wire & Cable Exhibitiion - 2010 Tower Cranes Esepecifications

Shanghai, September

21 to 24 - 2014.



Tower Crane for Civil Construction

Coaxial Cable RG 6, 11, 59

Stranded Galvanized Steel Wire

Outdoor Telephone Drop Wire
Steel CompositB229-85
Stranded Loose Tube Optical Fiber Cable
Stranded Copper Clad Steel Wire
Steel bars for Civil Construction


All in Copper & Aluminum Claded Wires and Cables


Coppral's presence in all China Mainland: partnership:
Harbor - Coppral Technology Industry, Co. Ltd. - Jiangsu Hengtong-Coppral Metal Wires Co., Ltd. - Zhejiang Pujiang Industry Co., Ltd.- Qingtian Yoohon Technology Co., Ltd.